At the end of September 2019, I flew to New York City with a friend in order to attend a Tezos crypto event. We arrived on Saturday September 28 in mid afternoon at the JFK Intl. airport. We took a shuttle bus to downtown Manhattan at a cost of $19 per person, which ended up being much cheaper than a taxi or Uber. We got off on 42nd St. and walked a few blocks to reach our hotel. The event only started on the evening of the 29th so we had time to visit the city.

After our check-in at the hotel, we managed to grab some pizza for dinner. I must admit that it was pretty good. New York is recognized as a great city to eat good pizza. We later went to the rooftop lounge of our hotel and I managed to take a few pictures.

View from the Hotel Henri Lounge

Later that evening, we headed to Broadway street. I quickly noticed the sheer number of homeless people, even teenagers sleeping on the sidewalk. In some areas, a strong smell of urine is omnipresent. Fortunately, business owners clean the storefront of their businesses with powerful jets of water.


Broadway was surreal and filled with tourists. Tour buses lined up and giant signs illuminated the entire street. At some point, we almost had to push our way through the crowd. WiFi hot spots are everywhere in the busiest sectors of Manhattan.

The next day, I woke up early and decided to grab some coffee at a Starbucks café which was located right around the corner. I then returned to the hotel and headed to the rooftop lounge to enjoy my Americano and check my social media feeds. Internet speed was pretty good at the hotel but not as fast as in some of the areas near Broadway.

After a good breakfast at a random French restaurant (which was kind of expensive), we walked for a while and ended up on a street that was closed to traffic because of a huge sidewalk sale. I took this opportunity to buy a couple of t-shirts and a NYC hat.

We then walked all the way to Washington Square Park. There was a pianist playing on a grand piano and some people were laying down underneath it. He sounded very much like a virtuoso, hammering a piece from Rachmaninoff.

Street music in Washington Square Park

I also played a couple of games of chess in the same park against very strong opponents. It did cost me a few dollars but it was well worth it. We then took a Uber to the Empire State Building and visited the top floors. The price tag for such a visit is quite salty: $42/person tax included. If you ask me, that’s way too expensive but the view from up there is incredible.

Empire State Building (in the background)
View from the observation deck, Empire State Building

We then walked all the way to Wall Street in the financial district. The New York Stock Exchange and the new World Trade Center are probably the biggest attractions in that part of town.

World Trade Center
New York Stock Exchange

Around 5 pm on that same day, we attended a welcome ceremony for the Tezos event on the rooftop of the building where the event was being held. Free drinks and food were served. Everything was perfect, except for the fact that WiFi was not available on the rooftop. WiFi connection was only possible inside the building.

Tezos welcome ceremony

The next two days were dedicated to the main Tezos event but we had a return flight on that Tuesday afternoon so right after Tuesday’s lunch, we headed to JFK via Uber.

Buffet table, Tezos meetup

Please note that the ride to the airport cost a whopping $75. However, I will return someday and stay a little longer in order to visit more of the attractions that the Big Apple offers.