Good apps or websites to find great deals on flights and accommodations

1- Google flight

This is the search engine of search engines. Whenever I start a search, this website is my first step.

2- Skyscanner –>>App

Great search engine and great app for mobile devices.

3- Kayak –>>App

Good app for mobile, great to compare prices with other apps.

4- AirBnB–>>App

Great way to book accommodations. Anything from a single room all the way to an entire house. Have you tried Airbnb? Sign up with my link and you will get up to $62 CAD off your first trip.

5- Kiwi–>App

Another search engine. I use it mainly for price comparison

6- Jetradar–>App

Good app, one can find great deals from time to time

7- Secret Flying–>Playstore / App store

Best alert app i know. It can send you great deals on flights from your local airport and anywhere else in the world as well.

8- Hopper–>App

Yet another search engine.

9- Cheapair

Great website that allows payment using crypto currencies.

10- Ryanair–>App

Great for Europe travels. Ryanair is a budget airline and they accept PayPal.

11- Travala

Great to book accommodations and even pay with crypto currencies.

12- Travelbybit

Similar to Cheapair. It allows payment using crypto currencies.

13- Airwander

Great website that allows to find great stop overs and allow you to travel even more for less.

14- Skiplagged–>App

Great to find hidden city deals.

15- Couch surfing

Great website for backpackers that travel on a budget and want to save on accommodation.

16- Turo car sharing